Monday, December 19, 2011

Mindlessness and Dead Dictators

I drank entirely too much Fanta today. And updated my FB status too many times. TIA

I also saw an albino. I thought he was Caucasian at first. I wonder what his life is like?

Every time I sleep in this school a dictator dies. Leaders of the world beware.

My own patience surprises even me sometimes. Everything here takes entirely too long. We left the house this morning at 10:30. We got to the school at 2:00. It's normally a twenty minute ride between the city and the school, but my headmaster gets continually sidetracked with talking to people.

I wake up every morning naturally at 5:30. I ate breakfast today at 9:00. Lunch was at 2:00. Dinner at 9:00. With my meals so spread out (and lacking nutrients because they are all cooked out, along with any fiber) it's no wonder I feel drained. Not only that, but my day consisted of sitting for hours listening to my headmaster talk to different people throughout the day. I know very minimal kinyarwanda so I cannot follow along with native speakers. With no calories to burn and nothing to keep my mind busy, I start to shut down. Whenever I start to yawn or turn glassy-eyed, my headmaster asks me if I am tired. I haven't decided yet if it would be rude to tell him that I am more bored than tired. The two probably mean the same in kinyarwanda.

I just want my own space and my own food to cook!

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