Monday, November 14, 2011

Somebody Cares!

I got my first care package. It was an awesome feeling opening it up. I feel so loved! Thanks mom and dad. The box contained a soccer ball, socks and underwear, beef jerky, water enhancers, and candy, to name a few things. I pulled the ball out and pumped it up and I played football out in the street with all the kids for at least an hour.

On a different note, here are some things that I see here all of the time that would not be normal in the US:

· A woman riding on the back of a motorcycle with a baby strapped to her back

· A man riding a bicycle while carrying a dozen live chickens by their feet

· Goats lining every road, tied to stakes. People here refer to goats as “brochettes”, which are essentially goat kabobs. One day, our driver, seeing two kid goats butting heads, says, “Brochettes are fighting.” It was a classic line.

· Cassava “bread”. Yuck! Another trainee said that we do have this in America, though. “It’s called Play-do, and we don’t eat it.”

· Fifty ordinary citizens building a new road using nothing other than garden hoes

· Boys wearing pink or sparkly shirts with lettering that says things like “Princess” or “Miss Universe”

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